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  • Access Control Terminal TFT900

    RFID 3.5"TFT Screen Fingerprint Access Control Terminal TFT900

    TFT900 is new version of intelligent fingerprint access control system, with friendly similar an droid operation interface and internal Ii-battery which can supply about 4-5 hours. WiFi or GPRS communication is optional, large fingerprint template and stable performance are advantages of TFT900. The TFT900 fingerprint access control offers 65.000 real color display, make menu with high-definition graphical user interfaces. It has a web-based application for the door lock system and it is easy to monitor an employee's movement at any time. The TFT900 fingerprint access control has an internal camera to take photos when users register and verify their finger.
  • RFID Access Machine TFT600

    Biometric Fingerprint And RFID Access Machine TFT600

    The access control system, TFT600, is an advanced access control product made by Granding Technology, combined such as fingerprint recognition algorithm, optical sensors, embedded design technology, and software application, etc.  TFT600 is reliable and stable, it obtained the honor of "customer favorite model". TFT600 is the latest multi-media fingerprint terminal which runs on new firmware, with high-speed CPU processor and new fingerprint algorithm. The better-quality hardware leads to an excellent performance and stability. Not only user is able to change main-screen picture, set external bell and user-role, but also setting fingerprint expired date.
  • Fingerprint Access Control

    RFID Fingerprint Access Control With Li Battery T8 A

    T8-A is an innovation fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal, advanced fingerprint algorithm, with Self-Service-Recorder (SSR) stored in the terminal. With simple and easy operation, it is very suitable for small offices, banks, schools and many other places. Communicating via TCP/IP ensures a smooth connection and data transfer, also can use USB flash drive for offline data management. It's easy to connect with third party such as door lock and exit button for access control application.  
  • RFID Access Control System

    Fingerprint RFID Access Control System With POE S810

    S810 is an advanced multi-biometrics identification Time Attendance and Access Control terminal, which can connect with third party electric lock, door sensor, and exit button etc. Communicating via Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, and USB host, it ensures a smooth connection and data transfer, also can customize 3G and internal POE function. With the latest fingerprint identification algorithm and streamlined technology, a variety of authentication methods, improve the security and efficiency of verification. Built-in battery provides 3-4 hours operation if power failure. It is much popular in office, factory, school, hospital and many other places.
  • RFID Access Control System

    3" TFT Screen Palm RFID Access Control System GT810

    GT810 is an advanced Multi-biometrics identification access control system with POE function. With the latest Palm & Fingerprint identification algorithm and streamlined technology. It's easy to connect with third party such as electric lock, door sensor and exit button for door access control application. Wiegand input & output interface make GT810 enable to utilize Master & Slave solutions, verification at both entrance and exit is available,  Meanwhile, anti-passback function could be used to maximize the security level. It supports both standalone and network, comes with free software for management.  Higher-speed CPU, newest fingerprint and Palm Algorithm, friendly user-interface make operation much comfortable. Built-in battery provides approximately 3-4 hours operation for power failure.
  • ID card  Access System

    3'' TFT Screen Fingerprint ID card Door Access System GT210

    The GT210 is one of the intelligent fingerprint access control device of new generation, support both network and standalone.  New algorithm system with high speed operating. Built-in backup battery provides approx. 4-5hours. GPRS/WiFi makes communication with PC easier. USB flash drive for offline data management. Built-in battery backup provides approximately 4-5 hours to operate. 
  • Fingerprint Reader FR1300

    Supports RS485 Fingerprint Rfid Card Slave Reader FR1300

    The FR1300 is designed as fingerprint slave reader applied in the Master-Slave Door Access Control System. Both sides will be with fingerprint reader to enhance the security. And the nice slim design of FR1300 is warmly welcomed in many countries and regions. The FR1300 is worked as Slave reader, the Users & transactions are only stored in the master terminal.   Supports Password Verification Mode For Fingerprint Reader.
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