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  • Palm Door Attendance Machine

    Palm Door Access Control Face Recognition Time Attendance Machine FA1P

    FA 1-P is a Multi-Biometric identification time & attendance and access control terminal, it offers brand new UI and user-friendly operation interface to provide excellent user experience. With the latest Palm/Face algorithm and advanced Fingerprint identification technology, security level of verification is significantly enhanced. The terminal can connect with third party electric lock , door sensor, and exit button, etc. Communicating via TCP/IP, USB and WIFl(optional), it ensures a smooth connection and data transfer.
  • Access Control System FA1 H

    Multi Biometric Facial Recognition Access Control System FA1 H

    FA1-H is new version of facial recognition system with access control and time attendance function; different with old version, new one with friendly UI, faster verification and better performance, we can define expiry date to exact user, user role and SMS. Main-screen picture can also be changed freely; the most advantage is the mulfunction rate is much lower than old one.
  • Visible Light Access Control Machine

    7'' Touch Screen Visible Light Facial Recognition Access Control Machine FaceDepot 7B

    Visible Light Facial Recognition Access Control System Products For Outdoor 
    The 7B, newly launched, with new Visible Light technology, the fastest speed within 1 second to identify user face, and with wider angle , it support up to 3meters when face recognition.  The Android 5.1 Operating System is more user-friendly. And the 7B is with Robust and compact design, it is integrated to the turnstiles/gate and can use for outdoor application under strong light.7B will receive good market for the large user capacity and fast speed.   The recognition distance has been greatly extended up to 3 meters long, which significantly improves maximum traffic rate. While most of algorithmsonly support 15-degree angle facial recognition, 7Bsupports 30-degree angle facial recognition.7B is with touch screen for easy opearting.
  • Android Access Control

    Android Face Recognition Access Control In Visible Light FaceDepot 7A

    Outdoor Proactive Facial Recognition Station  Access Control System for Employee.  Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with built in Deep Learning. 7 inch LCD display with impact-resistant glass cover. The Special splash-proof design.  Wide range of lighting acceptance.  ID / MF module is optional. Maximum 10,000 face templates capacity. High performance processor and latest algorithm. Ultrasonic distance detected sensor, 50cm-150cm adjustable.
  • Linux Visible Light Facial Recognition Terminal (FacePro5)

    Linux Visible Light Facial Recognition Terminal (FacePro5)

    FacePro 5 is is a fully upgraded version of the visible face recognition terminal, using intelligent engineering facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology, it supports both face and palm verification with large capacity, fast recognition speed, and improved security performance in all aspects. Which is extremely helpful in fighting the spread of disease outbreaks especially in hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, stations, and other public areas.can get the best fromit.
  • Outdoor Visible Light Face Recognition Access Control (H5)

    Outdoor Visible Light Face Recognition Access Control (H5)

    3-in-1 Starter Facial Recognition Terminal with 5-inch Touch Display. Features: Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with Computer Vision built-in 3-in-1 verification with Fingerprint, RFID and Facial Recognition. 5-inch touch LCD. Dual-camera for real-time face detection. 6,000 face template capacity. Recognition distance: 0.3 - 3 m. Compatible with external RS232, RS485 and Wiegand reader. TCP / IP, Wi-Fi communication.
  • Dynamic Android Visible Light Facial Recognition (7A)

    Dynamic Android Visible Light Facial Recognition (7A)

    Visible Light Face Detection FaceDepot-7A is developed based on Android System with deep-learning built-in. 7-inch LCD Big display brings users best using experiences. 7A is designed with anti-explosion cover and Splash-proof design to make it possible to work outdoors under strong sunlight.
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