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  • Fingerprint Time Clock QCLEAR C

    With RFID Card Reader Biometric Time Attendance Fingerprint Time Clock QCLEAR C

    The Qclear-TC is one of the intelligent fingerprint time attendance systems of new generation, support both network and standalone, Higher-speed CPU, newest fingerprint Algorithm and friendly user-interface make operations much comfortable.
    wireless WIFI makes communication with PC is earlier. USB flash drive for offline data management.
  • Fingerprint Time Attendance System With USB Port Support ID Card Reader 3000T C

    Fingerprint Time Attendance System With USB Port Support ID Card Reader 3000T C

    3000T-C is one of the intelligent Fingerprint Time Attendance terminal of the best cost-performance. It’s easy to connect with serial printer for attendance ticket, professional attendance software for free.  Adopt Latest fingerprint algorithm with high speed operating. Works in both Standalone and network mode, USB flash drive for offline data management. Data encryption improves security.
  • High Definition Access Control

    3.5"High Definition LCD Screen Fingerprint Access Control TFT900 H

    TFT900-H is a professional fingerprint access control & time attendance terminal with 50000 fingerprint capacity. High speed processor and better-quality hardware lead to excellent performance and high stability. It’s easy to connect with third party such as electric lock, door sensor and exit button for door access control application. Wiegand input & output interface make TFT900-H enable to utilize Master & Slave solutions, verification at both entrance and exit is available, Meanwhile, anti-passback function could be used to maximize the security level. It supports both standalone and network, comes with free software for management. It’s very suitable for factories, banks, schools and many other places. 
  • Android Biometric Bluetooth Fingerprint Time Attendance GT368

    Android Biometric Bluetooth Fingerprint Time Attendance GT368

    This is a multi-functional Android based fingerprint terminal with elegant design, it's used big 7 inch finger-touch screen which makes user operated conveniently. 1334 MHz, 4 Core CPU processor is able to run huge data smoothly in stable performance and fast speed. Not only it's a high-end assistant of time attendance, but also it's a good telephone. When ser punches fingerprint, terminal is able to send the time transaction to defined mobile phone user; for emergency or meeting, we can call remotely. Photo-shooting, weather report and GPS are supported. It's quite suitable for enterprise, school, hospital, supermarket, government etc.
  • Big Capacity 0f Portable Fingerprint Attendance Machine With Network ( TFT500P )

    Big Capacity 0f Portable Fingerprint Attendance Machine With Network ( TFT500P )

    The TFT500P Portable biometric time attendance with fingerprint & RFID reader, with portable handle, is specifically designed for off-site time management, such as construction sites, logistic industries, large farms, and the mining industry. Top handle with rubber coating enables users to carry easily.   Built-in Backup 7600 mAh Battery,  default communication is TCP/IP, also can customize GPRS or 3G or WIFI.  We supply professional WEB based software for management.
  • Access Control System Support TCP Or IP With Rfid Card Reader (5000A+)

    Access Control System Support TCP Or IP With Rfid Card Reader (5000A+)

    The access control system, 5000Aplus, is a professional access control product made by Granding Technology, combined such as fingerprint recognition algorithm, optical sensors, embedded design technology, and software application, etc..  5000Aplus gets maximum security and maximum value to the customers, it is embedded in web-based server application which is suitable for the companies that have a great number of sub companies not in the same area. The 5000A fingerprint access control has a built-in access controller, supports 99 time zones, 5 groups, and 10 door opening combinations. 24 hours continuous operation is available. It saves data during a power outage. The 5000A fingerprint access control offers more security, multiplex alarm alert support. It is easy for installation and can be used in Office, School, Factory, Bank, Warehouse, Organization
  • RFID Card Reader TFT500

    3.5 Inch Screen Time Attendance System With MF RFID Card Reader TFT500

    TFT500 is the latest multi-media fingerprint time attendance which runs on new firmware, with larger user capacity, support wireless WiFi/GPRS/3G(WCDMA) for network, with high-speed CPU processor and new fingerprint algorithm. Moreover. Similar Android/ iOS user-interface brings an extra-ordinary experience. The better-quality hardware leads to an excellent processor and stability, not only user is able to change main-screen picture, set external bell and user-role, but also can set fingerprint expired date.
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